IDGs – 17 Inner Development Goals

  1. Experience happiness.
  2. Experience emotional safety.
  3. Build a trustful & emotional safe relationship.
  4. Change perspectives through reframing.
  5. The most important person in the world is the one you are with right now. Be present for that person.
    If you are alone: you are the moste important person for you right now, be present for yourself.
  6. Hold an equanimous mind for 20 minutes.
  7. Cultivate compassion for every sentient beings.
  8. Be aware of your aliveness for 20 minutes.
    Confront yourself with the limits of life: one day, we will all be dead.
  9. Cultivate a purpose for your life and work.
  10. Find your positive vision for the world.
  11. Find your positive vision for your life.
  12. Make other people feel happy.
  13. Make other people feel loved.
  14. Speak out your appreciation for other people.
  15. Sustain the eco system.
  16. Facilitate peace in the communities around you.
    Learn how to resolve conflicts.
  17. Live a full day in compassion, happiness, gratefulness & peace.